New Alert for landlords

Statutes protecting tenants have a laudable origin; several decades ago, landlords took advantage of tenants.  For example, landlords could collect rent from tenants after premises had burned to the ground (because rent pertained to the land, not the building).  Legislatures have moved steadily since to pass laws protecting tenants.  The latest such law in New Hampshire is RSA 540:1-b, applies to owners of “restricted property,” which includes all residential property other than single family houses ( if the owner does not own more than three) and rental units in an owner occupied, four unit or less building.  Landlords who own restricted property must file a statement with the town or city clerk listing the name, address and telephone number of a person in New Hampshire with authority to accept service of process.  Landlord might think such a filing is unnecessary because, for example, their contact information is right in the rental agreement, or in a phone book, but the statute imposes a $1,000 civil penalty for any violation.

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